We are a leading law firm that strives to deliver & achieve commitments by adding maximum value to our client interest through proficient and chivalrous service, by sustaining an enriching environment through diversity & teamwork, always set superior prominence on operational concord with our aforesaid principles than on maximizing revenue with “dignity & pleasure”.



●中国の不思議な役人は〈サイトウ・キネン・フェスティバル松本2011〉オリジナル作品「バルトークダブルビル公演」より 初演:2012年12月20日 ●solo for 2は、〈NHKバレエの饗宴〉招待上演作品  初演:2012年3月13日



Our Vision is to be recognized as premium law firm of the region and shatter all barriers and achieve new benchmarks through authentic, analytical, informal, diverse, ethical, aggressive work methodology yet principled and professional approach with focus on legal aspect of client interest so that our clients can focus their attention on success of their business.

Our vision reflects our values: Integrity, service, excellence, team work & Accountability


Our Values are our Foundation, we Looking after our client’s interest as though they are our own being open, transparent & honest, Putting the organization interest ahead of individual agendas with respect & Fairness also being accountable for our clients and colleagues with Striving for continuous improvement

Our values are :

Integrity: We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest goals of uprightness and ethics.

Service: Our work is handled with due ownership and efficiently.

Excellence: Our work reflects our best efforts & practices applicable across the globe.

Team work: we know that to achieve your business goals, we need to operate as team. The best results as achieve through collaborations only.

Noism 中国の不思議な役人/solo for 2 [DVD]



Our Mission is to serves our client by helping them achieve great business outcomes by anticipating their legal needs (present and future) and provide pragmatic & commercial solutions through proficient & chivalrous service with best practice & defined values, also ensure the sustainable development of all the stakeholders in this global and competitive age.

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