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A native of the Houston, Texas area, Lee Lewis was raised with two passions in life:  racing BMX bicycles and surfing the Gulf of Mexico. Since his youth, Lee has been developing his dirt building skills with his own personal jumps, lines, and tracks to fuel his loves.

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BMX Track Builder

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BMX Track Builder


Is my back yard big enough?

Most yards have enough room to build minimal lines. Depending on the style of track you want Lee will create a design layout based on the space available.

Do you come with all the equipment and dirt?

We can completely coordinate all equipment rentals, dirt purchasing and delivery, or you may do it yourself.

What equipment is needed?

This will vary on each build, however, it takes a bit more than a shovel and wheelbarrow.  Expect to utilize a skid-steer loader (tracked with smooth bucket) to move dirt, a plate compactor to compact the dirt, hose with spray nozzles and working water hook up, hand tools like smooth flat shovels, hand tampers and rakes. For some applications, Soiltac (dirt sealant) may be necessary.  Asphalt, projects may have additional tool requirements.

Where does the dirt come from and what kind?

The track will be as good as the dirt.  Select fill type (60 / 40 sandy clay) dirt is recommended and can vary in price depending on quality.  We will make sure to source out the best dirt options inside your budget.

How long will it take?

The time put in to each track will depend on the size, layout and overall finish of the build.  Typically projects will take 4-7 days.

What’s the cost?

Pricing has many variables. Please contact Lee directly for a quote on your build project.

BMX Track Builder


Our Team Lee and Fernie:

Lee has the unique ability to form bicycle tracks that have both speed and flow combining both his passions of surfing and BMX into one.

Known as a dirt artist by anyone who has ever viewed or ridden his unique and dialed track work, Lee has built tracks from small to large all over the world in many different environments and spaces.

He has the ability to look at the landscape available and come up with a magical piece of art that meets both the clients and his own specifications.

Recently expanding his track building capabilities of sealing and slurry, Lee has now enhanced his track builds to be virtually maintenance free allowing clients to ride and play more.

Lee brings respect, love, and ethics with him each day and takes pride in his work. When you work with Lee and his crew you can expect a quality product and positive experience from start to finish.

BMX Track Builder

BMX Track Builder

Fernie Jacquez  is a  El Paso, Texas native.  He was raised riding bicycles on both the bmx track and in the mountains of Texas and New Mexico. Fernie brings a strong work ethic and positive attitude to all his work and shares in the vision of bringing flow, and fun to all track builds.

The Team of Lee Lewis  and Fernie Jacquez use their dynamic friendship and love for cycling to bring you the most unique track designs and finish outs available today.


Lee Lewis

BMX Track Builder

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